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4 DIY Hair Accessories for New Year’s Eve

Here are 4 DIY accessories we love and think would be beautiful for your New Year’s Eve hairstyle. Click on the picture to see the tutorial.

1. Gold Leaf Hair Comb

The gold leaf hair comb adds classic glamour and can work with different styles – hair down, bun, chignon, half-up

2. Bejeweled Hair Comb

Use lots of different colored jewels or just two. You can make your hair piece look playful or elegant. It can even match your outfit. There are so many possibilities.

3. Hair Chain

Perfect for a top knot or any other updo. Hair chains look incredibly hip and fun.

4. Sequin Heart Clip

These sequin heart clips are so playful and sweet!


5 Inspired New Year’s Eve Updos

Get ready for a beautiful New Year’s Eve. These inspiration updos will help you ring in the new year with total style. And they look perfect with a champagne flute in your hand.

1. 70’s Style Updo (√† la Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle)

Definitely classy and a bit romantic.

2.  Game of Thrones РInspired Updo

Braids braids braids!

Imagine this with a low bun instead of the thick braid.

3.  Accessorized Updo

Headbands, hair pieces, clips!

4. Side Swept Updo

Elegant with a touch of fun. Side swept updos always look fresh.

5. Classic Red-Carpet Updo

Chignons, french twists, and buns are always in.