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Skin Care Ingredients You Should Know

The best way to take care of yourself is to be educated. Learn about the ingredients that go into the products you use. Just like how you wouldn’t eat “mystery meat”, don’t use skin care products without knowing what they contain.

Skin care products are marketed with a lot of catch phrases and promises – clear your complexion, treat your acne, even your skin tone. But HOW is the product going to deliver results? Understanding what certain ingredients do will explain how your product works. There are more ingredients than we can cover in this beauty blog, but here are some common ingredients you will find and what they do.

From now on, when you purchase a new skin care product, check the ingredients and you’ll have a better understanding of how the product will affect your skin. Even take a look at your current and past products. Was one more effective than the other? Were the active ingredients the same or different? You will better understand your skin.


Adam and Eve Beauty Salon is a Dermalogica Partner. We use exclusively Dermalogica products for facial services. Dermalogica products are sold in our salon and online here. Dermalogica products are researched and developed by the International Dermal Institute. Products are free of common irritants and ingredients that could cause breakouts, like artificial colors and fragrances. Products are manufactured in the United States, are not tested on animals, and are only available from qualified skin care professionals. The active ingredients in each product is explained clearly, so you know exactly what you are using and why it was chosen.


New Year’s Beauty Resolution (Part 3)

This year, make a resolution to protect your skin from the sun!
Damage from the sun results in fine lines, wrinkles, spots, discoloration, moles, premature aging, and skin cancer.
Prevent the damage now to avoid having to deal with the consequences later.

Make sun protection a habit and incorporate it into your daily routine.
Apply sunscreen everyday, or at the very least, use products that contain SPF.
We recommend an SPF of 30 to protect your skin from 97% of UVB radiation.

Remember that you need to reapply sunscreen throughout the day for the protection to last – especially if you sweat or swim.

Check out this chart to see the protection from different SPF values:




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New Year’s Beauty Resolution (Part 2)

This year, make a resolution to drink more water! You know it’s good for your health, but did you know it can also help your complexion?

Drinking plenty of water helps keep your skin hydrated and moisturized – from inside out. It also helps your body get rid of toxins and helps you feel a sense of wellness overall. Start drinking more water and you should notice a difference in your skin after a month or so.

Here are some tips for drinking more water:

-Make it a habit. For example, get into the routine of always drinking a glass right when you wake up, right when you get home from work or school, between classes, and other times in your everyday routine where it could fit.

-Set alarms and reminders on your phone.

-Use an app! Of course, there’s an app for that! Waterlogged (iPhone only) and WaterYourBody (Android and iPhone).

-Make it easier for yourself to reach for some water. If you sit at a desk most of the day, bring a big tumbler or bottle to fill up. If you’re moving around campus and sitting in class, bring a bottle you can attach to or put in your bag.

There is some debate about this, but from personal experiences, the crew at Adam and Eve Beauty Salon are firm believers in the beauty benefits of drinking more water! Also, the argument is that drinking excessive amount of water does not have benefits. However, if a person is dehydrated, there will be physical consequences – dull, dry skin and sunken eyes. It makes sense to just drink more water and make sure you are hydrated! 

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New Year’s Beauty Resolution (Part 1)

This year, make your resolution to quit smoking.

Besides being good for your health and wallet, kicking this habit will give you a better complexion.

When you smoke, blood vessels in the outer layers of skin become narrow. This reduces blood flow and and results in reducing the amount of oxygen and nutrients that can get to your skin.

With smoking, your face looks yellowish and leathery. You develop fine lines and wrinkles – crow’s feet by your eyes and deep lines around your mouth. Smoking damages collagen and elastin, which will cause premature aging of your skin. Not sexy.

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