5 Inspired New Year’s Eve Updos

Get ready for a beautiful New Year’s Eve. These inspiration updos will help you ring in the new year with total style. And they look perfect with a champagne flute in your hand.

1. 70’s Style Updo (à la Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle)

Definitely classy and a bit romantic.

2.  Game of Thrones – Inspired Updo

Braids braids braids!

Imagine this with a low bun instead of the thick braid.

3.  Accessorized Updo

Headbands, hair pieces, clips!

4. Side Swept Updo

Elegant with a touch of fun. Side swept updos always look fresh.

5. Classic Red-Carpet Updo

Chignons, french twists, and buns are always in.


One response to “5 Inspired New Year’s Eve Updos

  1. fortheloveoflifestyle

    I love this! Number 4 is my favorite! I’m probably going to use that idea for my New Year’s Eve hair!

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