3 Fun New Year’s Eve Make-Up Ideas

2014 is just around the corner. It’s time to ring in the new year with a glamorous, dazzling look! Here are some ideas for you to light up the night:

1. Glitter

Glitter is definitely not something  for daily wear, but for New Years, it’s perfect! Remember to not overdo it though. You want to sparkle, but you don’t want to look like a 6-year-old’s craft project.

Pick no more than two of these glittery options to use in your look:

-Glitter eye shadow
-Glitter eyeliner
-Glittery blush
-Glitter lip gloss

2. Red Lips

Nothing says classic glamour like bold red lips. Don’t be afraid to turn heads with this timeless look.

We recommend keeping your eye make up minimalistic. Your lips are the main focus here.

If you want to incorporate some glitter with red lips, choose a glittery lip gloss to go over your red lip stick, or dap a tiny bit of glitter in the center of your bottom lip. A subtle black glitter eyeliner is another fun option to add a little sparkle.

To keep to the classics, go with a bold cat eye or lush dark lashes.

3. Fun Colors

You know those all of those colorful make up looks you’ve seen but have been too shy to wear? Now is your chance! With New Years, you can pull off any of those crazy colorful eye make up looks!

For your eyes, you can go with lots of colorful shadows or a bold pop of color from a colored eyeliner. Use colorful glitter for an extra fun look.

For your lips, you also have lots of options. Stick with a solid color. Make it bold – bright pink, purple, magenta, lavender, maybe even blue!

If you want to be truly daring, try out multi-color lips. You can wear your lips ombre or wear different colors on each lip.

Remember pick one feature to focus on- either your eyes or your lips – and choose a subtle look for the other.If you go with colorful eyes, do a nude or soft lip. If you go with colorful lips, do a simple cat eye or just lashes.

Bonus: Don’t forget that you can also ring in the new year with colorful locks! You have several options to add bold colors into your hair. 1) Dying your hair- ombre, dip dye, highlights, random streaks. Permanent and semi-permanent dyes are available. 2) Extensions/ Clip-ins 3) Hair chalk – but be careful to not get any on your outfit. Up-dos are recommended to avoid that problem.

Pick out the perfect outfit to go with your fantastic look. Don’t forget your false lashes, and have an amazing New Years!


One response to “3 Fun New Year’s Eve Make-Up Ideas

  1. I love that glittery eye look it looks fab 🙂

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